Comelec to voters: validate biometrics

Bohol Provincial Election Supervisor Eliseo Labaria continues to appeal to 40,798 voters who still have no biometrics data in their registration as the last day for the voter’s registration is just two months and a half away.

Eliseo reminded the voters that those who would fail to validate their registration by having their biometrics captured will not be allowed to vote in May 2016 elections.

Of the 757,144 voters in Bohol, 715,874 have complete biometrics data, while 41,270 have no or incomplete data.


Of the 41,270 that the Comelec is tracking down now, 472 have incomplete biometrics data and 40,798 have no biometrics data yet.

Areas topping the number of voters with incomplete biometrics data are Carmen, 297 of the town’s 27,844 voters; Balilihan, 67 of 10,821 voters; and Talibon, 24 of 32,168 voters.

Topping the list in terms of voters without biometrics data are Talibon with 3,788; Inabanga, 3,505 of the 25,817 total number of voters; and Ubay, 2,810 of 40,803 voters.

Tagbilaran City which has the most number of voters at 54,100 in the record was the first to complete the offsite registration, followed by the towns of Antequera, Sevilla, Baclayon, Loon and San Isidro.

Of those with deactivated registration, 306 had incomplete biometrics data, and 27,067 had no biometrics data.

Of those who transferred to other district, city or municipality, 46 have incomplete biometrics data and 2,746 have no biometrics data.

Comelec-Bohol also recorded 39,099 voters who applied for validation.

The provincial election supervisor said they update the data every quarter.

As of now, Labaria instructed the election officers in municipalities to intensity information dissemination in their areas to convince voters to validate their registrations with biometrics data now to avoid the bottleneck on the last day of registration by end of October. (AV)

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