BV Square: Super Cool Place to Dine in Tagbilaran

LBThere is a nice, new, cool place to dine in Tagbilaran that has a wide array of food choices to choose from in a comfortable and relaxing ambiance like you are in a beach area.

Located along Hontanosas Street at the vicinity of the heritage house of Pres. Carlos P. Garcia, BV Square opens its door to the public last  Wednesday, April 20, with a food court having at least nine different outlets serving assorted menu, all at friendly prices for families and barkadas to feast upon and have a great time.

But the edge lies on its being the first venue to afford beer lovers with that super cold bottle from a freezer at certified below zero. “It’s like drinking beer that’s freezing cold but the beverage is not frozen,” declares Mr. Benny Soliven of BV Square.


The tenants include Manok ni Kikay, Dominic Boodle Feast, Sinugbaw, Bulalohan, Thai Box, Takanevashins Eatery, 3 steps to Heaven, Below Zero Beer, and Boniezhon The Generics Pharmacy and the Kambal Pandesal anchors the BV Square as the stores located in the front units facing the street. (Sonieta Labasan, LB April 24, 2016)

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