Fiesta Message

medrosoWith my paternal solicitude, I wish to convey my warmest greetings and congratulations to the People of Tagbilaran City on the occasion of our annual fiesta in honor of St. Joseph the Worker, our patron saint and intercessor.

As we express our gratitude to God for His unwavering goodness and generosity all throughout these years, let us instill in our collective consciousness our shared common journey as a people.  The strong cooperation that has shaped our city is a clear manifestation of our desire to promote the common good and to foster the best interests of our people.  It is indeed very true that collaboration in the development of the whole person and of every human being is in fact a duty of all towards all, and must be shared by everyone (Solicitudo Rei Socialis # 28-29).

Development which is not only economic must be measured and oriented according to the vocation of man seen in his totality, including his interior and spiritual dimension.  There is no doubt that our people need a community, its created goods and the products of industry for the good and betterment of their lives.  Through our proper management and disposal of the created goods intended for the material and economic well-being of persons, we contribute much to the promotion of human welfare and the betterment of the economic life of our most-beloved City of Tagbilaran.


As we honor St. Joseph through this annual festivity, it is my fervent hope and prayer that we will continue to emulate his virtues of humility, dedication and hard work.  Through work, we participate in God’s continuing act of creation and develop the goods of the earth for the good and betterment of our society and for the benefit of the entire human family.

Congratulations and happy fiesta to one and all!

Bishop of Tagbilaran

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