City assures proper info on “clamping ordinance”

Amidst the fear or anticipation over the mulled implementation of a traffic clamping, Tagbilaran City government authorities under Mayor John Geesnel Yap III assure proper information dissemination would be implemented before implementing the ordinance.

City Councilor Bebiano Inting bared this to stakeholders at the public hearing that would be officially sealing the fate of the proposed ordinance authorizing City traffic enforcers to immobilize and tow-away illegally parked motor vehicles.

The proposed ordinance not only allows the City Traffic enforcers to clamp and tow illegally parked vehicles but also those violating parking regulations as provided under the Revised City Traffic and Transportation Code, explained Inting at the Public Consultation held at the Jjs Seafoods Restaurant.


Commuters and motorists entering Tagbilaran have complained about traffic snags and chokepoints caused by congestions due to illegally parked or unattended vehicles left along the roadsides.

Cogon Barangay Chairman Nicanor Besas earlier bemoaned the illegal parking causing traffic in Tagbilaran despite the much better paved roads.

Suggestions to force barangay tanods to work on the double to check on the parking violations proved futile.

“When drivers do not even mind police enforcers who issue traffic citations, what would make them  follow the tanods?”  Poblacion 1 Chairman Arlene Karaan asked.

With the proposed Clamping Ordinance, authorities believe that it can discipline drivers and motorists into proper traffic parking rules and ease congestion in city streets, according to the draft ordinance.

Traffic enforcers issue citation tickets in lieu of the Temporary Operators Permit to violators, but, according to city traffic management office (CTMO) sources, unless the owners have to get permits and licenses from the city government, the citation could not be reflected.

“We hope this Ordinance to give teeth to our Traffic Code,” Inting said.

Traffic enforcers, when the ordinance is passed, can accost drivers or vehicles stopping in no-parking areas, double parking, wrong side parking, or parking within the road.

It also allows enforcers to immobilize unattended illegally parked vehicles by clamping and towing unclaimed tire-locked vehicles.

Owners of clamped vehicles pay a corresponding fine of P1,000 for 6 wheeled vehicles and above, P500 for 4 wheeled vehicles and P200 for motorcycles or tricycles.

These vehicles shall only be released upon payment of fines and administrative penalties, the proposed measure states.

For unclaimed clamped vehicles, an administrative fine of P1,800 is demanded for the first 24 hours of impound and P500 for every succeeding day of fraction thereof.

Anybody caught tampering or attempting to destroy the tire clamps pays P500 and the ruined device or P5,000 or get a 30 day imprisonment.

Councilor Inting however cites the proposed ordinance provisions on the installation of visible parking regulations, restrictions and prohibition signs for the information of the general public and motorists.

The public hearing would formalize the necessary inputs needed to finalize the draft ordinance, which to now, is in the second reading at the City Council, Inting noted. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

One thought on “City assures proper info on “clamping ordinance”

  • June 13, 2016 at 12:24 am

    Traffic enforcers, when the ordinance is passed, can accost drivers or vehicles stopping in no-parking areas, double parking, wrong side parking, or parking within the road.

    Stopping and parking are two different things. Anybody can stop on a No Parking area
    to load or unload passengers but they could not leave the vehicles to park. When a vehicle parks on a No Parking area and the enforcers just ignore it, what would be the penalty of the enforcers?


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