Welcome Vice-President Leni Robredo!

boholano-thumbCongratulations and Welcome to New Manila, Quezon City! We admire your ideals and ideas for public service, as we did your celebrated late husband, Jesse Robredo: “a servant leader” and “a transforming leader.”

Kalayaan College was founded in 2000 by a small group of faculty members from U.P. to make U.P. quality education available to those who might be unable to enter U.P.

We know you are an alumna of the U.P. School of Economics, as well as a lawyer and co-public servant who assisted your husband, then Naga City Mayor Robredo. And then you became the Representative of your district in Camarines Sur.


Most of us in Kalayaan College voted for you on May 9.  We also gladly welcomed you to deny an unworthy rival to become Vice-President and future President of our country. Certainly, you were a persuasive and lovable candidate who sometimes ended your campaign speech with the clever appeal: “May the best man win.”

And we are glad to be your neighbors by your choosing to have your office also in New Manila. Our College is located on Aurora Boulevard on 22 Manga Road, beside the Betty Go Belmonte Station, LRT 2.

At your pleasure some of our faculty and students would like to meet with you and your own staff. They may help you somehow in your research and public service. You and your staff are welcome to our KC Library.

Kalayaan Collegee Publications

Center for Social Policy and Governance


Towards a Federal Republic of the Philippines with a Parliamentary Government by 2010: A Draft Constitution, Edited by Jose V. Abueva, Kalayaan College, 2002

Towards a Federal Republic of the Philippines with a Parliamentary Government: A Reader, editors, Jose V. Abueva, Rey Magno Teves, Gaudioso C. Sosmeña, Jr., Clarita R. Carlos, Michael O. Mastura, Kalayaan College, Local Government Development Foundation, Lihok Pideral-Kusog Mindanaw, Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung, Philippines, 2002.

Filipino Spiritual Culture, Social Transformation and Globalization, Edited by Jose V. Abueva, Arnold Bohme, OCD, Ruben F. Balane, Published by Discalced Carmelite Nuns, Monastery of St. Therese, Quezon City and Kalayaan College at Riverbanks Center, Marikina City, 2003.

Nonkilling Global Political Science, Glenn D. Paige, Philippine Edition, co-published in 2003 by the Center for Global Nonviolence, Honolulu Hawaii and Kalayaan College, Marikina, Metro Manila.

Towards a Nonkilling Filipino Society: Developing an Agenda for Research, Policy and Action, Jose V. Abueva, Editor; The Aurora Aragon Quezon Peace Foundation and Kalayaan College, 2004.

Charter Change for Good Governance Towards a Federal Republic of the Philippines with a Parliamentary Government, Jose V. Abueva; Published by Citizens’ Movement for a Federal Philippines (CMFP) and KC Institute of Federal Parliamentary Democracy, Center for Social Policy and Governance, Kalayaan College at Riverbanks Center, Marikina City, research supported by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, 2005.

Proposed Revision of the 1987 Constitution by the Consultative Commission.  With Highlights and Primers on the Major Proposals and Background Information on the Consultative Commission, edited by Jose V. Abueva.  Published by KC Insitute of Federal-Parliamentary Democracy, Kalayaan College at Riverbanks, xiv, 254 pp. 2006.

Walang-Pagpatay na Agham Pampolitikang Pandaigdig (Nonkilling Global Political Science, Glenn D. Paige. Translated into Filipino by Roberto T. Añonuevo. Center for Global Nonviolence, Honolulu and Kalayaan College, Marikina City, Philippines. 2007.

Let’s Build a Nonkilling Philippines! Tungo sa Kalinaw at Walang Pagpatay! And Help build a Killing-Free World. Movement for a Nonkilling Philippines and Institute for a Nonkilling Philippines, Kalayaan College. Quezon City, Philippines. 2011. (By Jose “Pepe” Abueva)

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