“Bangga sa Kuradang,” Fusion Nights,Product Showcase, TBTP, Song tilt, highten Sandugo fever


The Sandugo fever will be on high gear this week with the holding of several activities, including the much awaited “Bangga sa Kuradang” a new twist of the annual Sandugo street dancing all set on Friday which is the commemoration of Bohol Day.

The unique street dance is expected to draw more participants as it will highlight the oldest known popular dance step in Bohol which is the “Kuradang” (Read: Lifestyle Bohol)

The day after the street dance will be the launching of the “Tigum Bolanon sa Tibook Pilipinas” (TBTP) which will have a welcome dinner for the Boholanos arriving home for the reunion among Bol-anons from the various provinces in the country. Some Boholano showbiz personalities will grace the affair.


On Wednesday is the opening of the International Fusion Nights at Plaza Rizal and the Sandugo Product Showcase at The Block of the Island City Mall.  The Product Showcase will have the best of Bohol made products.

The Int’l Fusion Nights will have 15 participating resorts, hotels and restaurants to open their booths at Plaza Rizal during dinner time with live entertainment nightly under the auspices of the Bohol Association of Hotels, Resorts & Restaurants (BAHRR) under Romel Gonzales as president.

Participating outlets are Alta Resort, Astoria-Bohol, Be Grand Resort, Bellevue Resort, Bluewater Resort, Bohol Shores Resort, Egays Farm resto, Gavroche French Bakery, Ocean Suites, Tarsier Botanika, Kusina ni Tisay, Cake Garden, T2 Lounge Cafe, Linaw Beach Resort/Pearl Restaurant and Reyna’s

On Thursday will the finals night of the Sandugo Song Festival at the Bohol Cultural Center.

On the same day, the Air Asia’s Red Hot Party will be held at the CPG Sports Complex.

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