Bohol and new beginnings

Cartoon editorialIT WAS TOTAL FUN  and a pleasant eye-opener to look at Bohol with a new pair of eyeglasses the last few days.

First, The launching of the “Balik Bohol” is a marketing coup to bolster the Bohol branding  Because this“Balik Bohol”  complements, nay even enhances  “Tigum Bol-anon sa Tibuok Kalibutan” (TBTK).

The brilliant marketing foray hits two birds with a single stone.  One, our  kababayans in the other provinces can better internalize what Sandugo truly means and that the gongs,cymbals and drums for a homecoming is not reserved only for  balikbayans  from abroad.Two,it adds traffic to July designated by the Department of Tourism as “Festival of the Month”  and make July another option-month  to the  already  visitor-laden May – the month of interminable town fiestas.


We hope that the core group of the “Balik Bohol” which met last night in a dinner fellowship at Be Grand Resort will be the beginning of a vibrant association of Boholanos in the various provinces in the country. Award -winning actor and director Cesar Montano ‘s presence is incalculable. He represents the true-blooded Boholano who announces to the world -at every chance- that he is from Bohol- and  that alone augurs well for bigger “Balik Bohol” from hereon.  New beginnings, it is.
Ah, the kuradang  dance- the happy lively Boholano original dance which answers the  Spanish curacha  to the last beat and gyration of the pelvis.  It was  introduced in the Sandugo street dancing and hey- it  really changed the beat. It brought originality as well as  unity in the hearts of the Boholanos who watched the eight groups dance along the highway up to the Carlos P. Garcia ( Bohol’s dearly beloved son)  Sports Complex.  .

For this game-changing idea- Gardy Labad and Marianito Luspo as well as the dedicated efforts of Carmen Gatal should take a bow. Carmen  is the  the perpetual street dance chairperson that gave Boholanos an insight into a dance that is genetically  ours.  Iloilo (sic) also has its own kuradang kuno (stop copying,, pass your papers please).
Third, the nightly “Fusion Nights” is something that deserves expanding  based on the tremendous  interest from the visitors and locals who  trooped to our small Plaza Rizal to sample the cuisine prepared by the top resorts and restaurants here

According to Rep Rene Relampagos, the Philippines recently won an international  “food festival” -making him muse about “CulinaryTourism”  which will institutionalize food as a tourist beacon.  By the way-.Congressman Rene , as well as some other public officials, are living proofs that Filipino food is indeed “yummy”. They do what they preach.

Of course, fourth was  the top grosser Sandugo Trade Expo handled by the Department of Trade Industry (DTI) which  continues to gain public patronage as shown by its rising revenues with their more than 100 exhibitors at the Island City Mall-showcasing local creative talent and indigenous materials.
Fifth, during the Sandugo Song Festival, it was proven  that indeed God given talent in music abound in Bohol, both for the composers and their song interpreters. Many of them are world-class level.We just need the right marketing magic to promote their songs nationwide.  And sixth – oh the alluring beauty of  Boholanas was once again  shown in all its splendor  with the reigning Miss Bohol 2016,Glyssa Bingas Perez of Danao town who was crowned  Miss Sandugo beauty pageant. Miss Bohol is the first cousin of the current 2016 Miss Universe Philippines, Maxine Perez Medina. As an aside-  genes do work.

The Sandugo  Foundation has certainly  hit a home run by re-energizing the July festival  into a more engaging activity for Boholanos.

Aren’t we lucky ? To live in this beautiful island province and still have all the above? One can think retirement.

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