Digong evaluates the nation

WITH AN AWE-INSPIRING  91%  approval rating, President (not His Excellency ,as you wish, sir) , Digong Duterte will evaluate the state of the nation tomorrow -and all traffic will stop to listen. What will be Digong’s policy choices?

There are crucial crossroads to ponder on.

How much value does Digong place upon human rights and value of life when paired against a (higher?) interest of peace and order  in a narcotics- swamped country? Will he be the bullfighter and take the Catholic Church to the arena and fight tooth and nail to curtail population growth by all the means available for the State?


How much does Federalism mean to Digong- will its approval define the soul of his entire presidency? Will he break the stranglehold of Imperial Manila and make GDP growth  assume  the same meaning to all people-  up to the fringes of Batanes and the seashores of Jolo? Will he break the political dynasties and symbols of monopolies and combat the Philippine status quo?

Will he be  an autocratic , authoritarian strong man and brook no opposition from the two equal branches of government like the Legislative and the Judiciary? Will he rush “thought control”  management in lieu of an independent, often boisterous media?

Will he not spare the rod on his  erring friends, relatives and associates like what  a former president promised but failed to do?

Will Digong wear a diplomatic robe or wield a wooden baton now that the Hague Court- he is a lawyer- decided China is a territorial de facto violator? How much more can he continue to agitate the  USA ( he calls the importer of terrorism)  or shed his socialist garments in the great balancing high-wire act called the presidency?

Tomorrow is SONA  Day. Listen to what the man says. The Man of the Year.

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