Land-based power supply to meet energy demand in Bohol

The provincial government is mulling to harness energy from a land-based power supply in Bohol to meet electricity demand in the province.

According to Governor Edgar Chatto, the land-based power supply is expected to be set up in the province before 2022 if the project pushes through.

His administration is already conducting thorough research on the project’s viability, Chatto told media during his weekly program “Kita ug ang Gobernador on Friday.


The province already has a power supply connection in Cebu and Leyte and as part of efforts to meet growing energy demands in the province, the government is considering the provision of land-based power.

Meanwhile, a number of investors have already shown interest in implementing energy projects in the province, but those intending to harness energy from renewable sources have been given priority.

Groups such as the Bohol Energy Advisory Group are also conducting consultations with investors who could provide adequate power supply to the province.

Bohol is currently dependent on power supply from a geothermal power plant in Leyte.

When the plant undergoes maintenance or the Leyte connection is interrupted, operations in Bohol are also affected. (Allen Doydora) 

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