Relampagos pledges full support for Bohol ICT

Bohol’s First District Representative Rene Lopez Relampagos is looking forward with much positivity and excitement to the ICT development here in the province.

“We are driven to realize our dreams of developing the IT industry here in the province and hopefully, bring here the IT/BPO sector. We are moving on the right track and I am just thrilled to see Bohol flourish because of ICT development,” Relampagos said in a statement.

Last July 29, the Provincial Government of Bohol, the Bohol Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Bohol ICT Council hosted the second Bohol IT/BPM Multi-stakeholders Forum at the Governor’s Mansion with PLDT Vice President and PLDT Smart SME Nation Head Albert Mitchell L. Locsin in attendance.  During the said forum, Locsin mentioned that Bohol currently lacks the capacity to support the demand needed for ICT development. However, he promised the Boholano people that PLDT will be increasing its capacity in the province to make way for this development.


On the other hand, Bohol will be the venue of Geeks on a Beach 4. Geeks on the Beach (GOAB) is an international conference “for everyone who is passionate about startups, technology, design, and making the world a better place. GOAB aims to bring together the brightest minds in a challenging and collaborative atmosphere.”

Relampagos is greatly pleased on these recent developments saying that these shows how far the commitment of the Provincial Government and the private sector in pushing for the ICT dream.

“The forum with PLDT shows how we are slowly laying the foundations needed for Bohol to take the plunge and bring opportunities and progress to the people through ICT.  GOAB also shows that Bohol is capable of this and that we can be the next wave city,” Relampagos expressed.

The third term congressman continued to reecho his pledge of support in making the ICT dream a reality.

“I will be working alongside the hands and minds that will be forging the way for this dream to be reached.  I continue to pledge my support and will strive to fill in the gaps that will strengthen our efforts.  Providing stable power is a top priority and I will continue to work hard to address this so that we can reach our collective aspiration of creating a progressive Bohol for the Boholanos through ICT,” Relampagos said.

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