In 1 week: CTMO clamps, locks 94 vehicles

The City Traffic Management Office (CTMO) padlocked and clamped a total of 94 vehicles for illegally parking in streets across Tagbilaran City in a span of one week.

Personnel of the CTMO were able to immobilize 75 motorcycles and 19 four-wheeled vehicles parked in no parking zones starting September 2 until Thursday, September 8, 2016.

According to CTMO chief Antonio Samante, the strict enforcement of the towing and clamping ordinance is gradually deterring errant motorists from parking in no parking zones.


Samante also assured the public that no one will be exempted from paying fines for illegally parking their vehicles.

He said that immobilized or towed vehicles will not be released to owners without payment for the corresponding fee of their traffic violation.

As stipulated in the towing and clamping ordinance, drivers of illegally parked motorcycles and tricycles will be fined P200 while those with four-wheel vehicles will be obligated to pay P500.

Drivers of illegally parked vehicles with six wheels and above will be slapped with a P-1000 fine.

The CTMO office is currently in possession of 15 clamping devices while it is reportedly undermanned with 77 personnel as the number of vehicles in Tagbilaran City continues to grow.

Personnel of the CTMO are still holding a dry run in the strict implementation of the towing and clamping ordinance in the city. (Rey Tutas)

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