Intel report: Slain cop protector of big-time Bohol drug personality

police dead 2
MAN IN UNIFORM. Police shoot dead a fellow cop suspected of selling drugs after he allegedly engaged operatives in a shootout.

A cop suspected of selling illegal narcotics who was slain in Panglao on Friday by police operatives was a protector of a big-time drug dealer in Bohol, according to the town’s tourist police.

The allegation was based on an intelligence report and information from jailed suspected “drug princess” Melinda Perez Borja, 46, said Chief Insp. Jul Jamiri, chief of the Panglao tourist police.

Police Officer 3 Irmon Butil, the killed policeman, allegedly protected Borja who was arrested hours before he was shot dead following a shootout with operatives.


Jamiri said that other than being a protector, Butil delivered illegal drugs to Borja’s group.

He noted that the slain policeman also allegedly relayed information to Borja regarding drug operations in Bohol.

According to Jamiri, Borja, who was caught with P354,000 worth of suspected shabu in a buy-bust, was a “provincial coordinator” in Bohol drug trade.

melinda borja
BORJA (center)

Borja’s drug operations reportedly reached 50 percent of the province.

Jamiri said that information gathered from Borja prompted the Panglao police to immediately set up the operation against Butil last week in Brgy. Lourdes of the said town.

During the buy-bust against Butil, a shooting ensued as the suspect allegedly shot at arresting police.

Butil was hit and killed while operatives recovered in his possession P59,000 worth of shabu, a 9mm pistol and a motorcycle without a license plate.

He was a resident of Brgy. Napo Lawis, Alicia, and an active police officer of the Lila Municipal Police Station prior to his death.(Allen Doydora)

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