Councilor proposes probe on ‘official-backed’ illegal fishing in city

Reports on rampant illegal fishing in Tagbilaran City allegedly backed by a “high-ranking” official prompted a city councilor to recommend the launch of an investigation on the unauthorized activity.

Councilor Philip Besas, in his privilege speech at an SP regular session, said that operators of illegal fishing in waters off the city are undeterred by authorities due to their alleged protector.

However, the councilor did not disclose the identity of the official.


Besas said that he reported the official to concerned authorities instead and relied on them to publicly name the alleged protector.

He also noted that he had already been receiving reports on the growing number of illegal fishing activities in the area.

Based on information gathered by maritime police, he said that the city patrol boat is being used to collect fish from fishermen in the area instead of going after those conducting illegal fishing.

This has prompted Besas to urge city council members to consider illegal fishing activities in Tagbilaran City a priority for the SP.

In the same address, Besas asked the SP committee on agriculture to launch a probe on the issue. (Allen Dodydora)

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