Talibon SPED studes dormitory renovated

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LIVING-CUM-DINING AREA is one of the many renovations at the IDEA Philippines, Inc. Dormitory in Talibon to provide excellent ambience for learning and comfortable living. In photo are the students during home study and respite.

Students mostly under SPED Program are top priority of IDEA Philippines, Inc., providing them all-around care, safety and security at the dorm while in school.

In Talibon, the dorm ran out of room since the number of students continues to increase. IDEA Philippines, Inc. made the necessary improvements to the dorm to accommodate them. Our students and their parents are so grateful for the renovation of the dorm. The former open courtyard had been converted into a living/dining room complete with wall fans, lights, and a new hand washing area.


It was also built with a higher ceiling to provide enough ventilation throughout the room. The area also works as a multi-purpose room and utilized for activities such as a parent/teacher meeting. The comfort room and bathrooms were added and updated along with a new front gate, a new roof, and new bunk beds.

The 49 deaf students who are currently housed in the dorm really love the improvements to their home as it offers a safer and more comfortable atmosphere.During rainy days, they no longer need to worry about bringing in mud from the courtyard to their bedrooms or the kitchen.

They now have enough space to move around comfortably in the living/dining area without feeling crowded. There are no longer 2 or 3 kids sleeping in the same bed or on the floor. Their bedrooms are also more spacious and now the kids can organize their clothes in their bed’s pullout drawer instead of the former space-consuming lockers.

IDEA Philippines, Inc. would want to say a huge thank you to the generous people who have supported this project.

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