City councilor eyes law blocking condoms in schools

A Tagbilaran City councilor vowed to oppose the national government’s plan to distribute condoms in schools expressing readiness to seek measures to block the plan’s implementation in Bohol’s capital.

Councilor Jonas Cacho, chair of the city council’s education committee, on Thursday said that he will file a bill opposing the Department of Health’s (DOH) plan to hand out condoms to students.

The DOH’s measure to avert further rise of HIV-AIDS and unwanted pregnancy cases among Filipino youth would do more harm than good, Cacho said.


The city legislator noted that giving out condoms would adversely affect the youth’s way of thinking on sex at an early age and pointed out that guidance from families is still key in addressing said issues.

He said that teachers in the city have also admitted to not being comfortable with distributing condoms to their students.


Earlier this month, Board Member Jade Bautista, chair of the Provincial Board’s (PB) committee on health, also expressed disapproval over the DOH’s plan.

She suggested that schools should instead implement a sex education program to better inform the youth on the dangers and downsides of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

On December 9, the Bohol PB filed a resolution appealing to the DOH to postpone the distribution of condoms in schools.

The DOH had previously announced that it will start to implement the measure next year. (Allen Doydora and Rey Tutas)

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