NBI warns of skimmers in Bohol

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) advised Automated Teller Machine card holders to be vigilant in withdrawing money from their accounts amid reports of ATM skimming in Bohol.

NBI officials issued the warning during the Provincial Peace and Order Council meeting last week citing the alleged operation of syndicates victimizing ATM and credit card holders of the so-called skimming of card information.

Attorney Arcelito Albao, NBI Bohol executive officer, reported to the PPOC that the modus involves tellers or point of sale swipe stations wherein data from the card are transferred through a remote server copying details of the account.


Skimming hoaxers use devices placed inside a card machine slot which activate when personal identification numbers are keyed in.

The skimming device then clones the card and relays data to a nearby computer.

According to Albao, safer transactions can be made in ATMs being monitored by closed-circuit television cameras.

Transactions are also recommended done in ATMs located in well-lighted areas and those in malls, banks or other commercial establishments.

Such areas, according to bank officials, are less vulnerable to fraud attempts. (Rey Tutas)

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