2 Bohol cops among 51 lifestyle-checked

Two policemen in Bohol now face a lifestyle check as the Police Regional Office (PRO)-7 raised an eyebrow on the luxury that 51 PNP personnel in Central Visayas live despite the meager pay they get from government.

Police Chief Insp. John Gilbert Basalo, chief of the Internal Affairs Services of the Bohol Police Provincial Office (BPPO), confirmed that two of the 51 now being investigated for their luxurious lifestyle are assigned in Bohol.

However, Basalo refused to elaborate, and merely said the two PNP Bohol personnel are now being asked to submit documents and explain how they are able to afford expensive things.


The Regional Intelligence Division (RID) of PRO-7 find it surprising how 51 police officers in the Central Visayas managed a costly lifestyle that is beyond their “monthly salaries”.

Some of them just joined the PNP and in a short period of time, they immediately amassed fortune and could now afford luxurious lifestyle.

The RID-7 has subjected these 51 police officers to a lifestyle check.

From the report in regional media, it was learned that 13 of the 51 “are police commissioned officers, while 38 are non-commissioned officers”.

Specifically, the RID-7 discovered that these officers have more than one car and have a number of properties.

What surprised the investigators more is that some of them still have the rank of PO1 or PO3, and they could hardly explain their wealth as their assets already rose to millions of pesos, according to the report.

These officers had allegedly managed to live in luxury despite the fact that their payslips show they have some debts to pay.

The report also had it that the RID-7 also noted that their “children are studying in expensive schools”.

RID-7 launched the lifestyle check upon the order of PNP Director General Ronald dela Rosa as part of the internal cleansing in the PNP organization.

RID-7 will be submitting the lifestyle check report “to the Regional Internal Affairs Service (RIAS) 7 for further investigation”.

There are already 63 active officers under PRO-7 that the RIAS-7 is currently investigating for “luxurious lifestyle”.

RIAS 7 chief, Senior Supt. Jose Carumba, had been quoted in regional media reports that criminal and administrative complaints have been filed already against nine police commissioned officers before the anti-graft court.

Their cases are founded on the results of investigation showing they owned “several cars that were not declared in their Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth”.

They “are now at the PNP headquarters in Camp Crame”, according to reports.

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