3 months after death, man still in funeral parlor

Almost three months after his lifeless body was found in waters off Guindulman, an unidentified man remains at a funeral parlor in the town with only a regular application of chemicals temporarily keeping his remains from emitting foul odor.

According to Guindulman police chief Sr. Insp. Angelito Vallecer, no one has approached authorities to claim the body which was found on January 14.

Police said that when it was first spotted, the corpse was already starting to decompose causing facial features to partially distort and further complicating its identification.


The town’s police has already coordinated with authorities from Camiguin but there had been no reports of a missing person in the adjacent province.

Vallecer said that they will continue to wait for a relative of the victim who will claim the body.

However, several residents living near the funeral parlor have already complained against the stench of the body despite the application of chemicals which has been paid for by the local government unit.

This has prompted members of the town’s Sangguniang Bayan (SB) to agree on requesting the National Bureau of Investigation to conduct an autopsy on the body.

Following the autopsy, the SB will likely move to have the man buried even if his body remains unclaimed, said Vallecer.

The SB is now awaiting action from the NBI. (Allen Doydora)

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