Power woes persist as reserves dip

The onset of summer heat besets the power reserve for Bohol, dropping to zero since yesterday and is projected to stay in same level the whole week.

The weekly outlook of the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) placed the required daily regulating reserve at 3 megawatts (MW), while the required contingency reserve will be 4 MW daily, and the required dispatchable reserve at also 4 MW daily.

Bohol has the local capacity of 16 MW daily, 12 MW of which come from diesel-power plants, and 4 MW from hydro-power plants.


The supply from Leyte provides 47 MW for today, 51 MW for Monday, 50 MW for Tuesday, 54 MW for Wednesday, 51 MW for Thursday, and 44MW for Friday.

System load then is projected to be 63MW today, 67MW on Monday, 66MW on Tuesday, 70MW on Wednesday, 67MW on Thursday and 60MW on Friday.

NGCP’s power situation outlook for the Visayas today shows an expected (-)24MW gross reserve in the evening where the system capacity could only reach 1,667MW while the system peak could reach 1,691MW.

This is based on the calculation as of 4 p.m. yesterday.

NGCP, however, calculates 43MW in gross reserve for this morning and 26MW for the afternoon, based on the outlook.

NGCP projects system capacity of 1,723MW in the morning where the system peak is at 1,680MW; and system capacity of 1,726MW in the afternoon where the system peak will be at 1,700MW.

Overall, however, Visayas will have power reserve of 596MW by early evening today where system capacity for the day is calculated at 2,265MW and the system peak is at 1,669MW.

Cebu, which also relies 128-134MW from Leyte, has gross reserve of 183-298MW this week- -274MW today, 196MW on Monday, 183MW on Tuesday, 191MW on Wednesday, 298MW on Thursday, and 387MW on Friday.

Leyte supplies Cebu with 131MW today, 134MW daily from Monday to Wednesday, 130MW on Thursday, and 128MW on Friday.

NGCP calculated Cebu’s required contingency reserve at 103MW daily, required dispatchable reserve of 103MW daily; and required regulating reserve of 28MW today, 31MW on Monday-Wednesday daily, 27MW on Thursday, and 25MW on Friday.

Unlike Bohol, Cebu has other outside sources of power aside from Leyte.

Cebu may get or supply 93MW from or to Negros for today, 104MW on Monday, 85MW on Tuesday, 96MW on Wednesday, 110MW on Thursday, and 141MW on Friday.

Cebu also has inland sources of power from coal/thermal plants that produce 565MW daily, and 176MW daily from diesel.

Apart from the assurance of NGCP to get power supply from Cebu for Bohol through submarine cable, the provincial government also proceeds with the eyed inland sources of power supply.

This is considering that the bulk of current power demand of the province rely on outside sources such as Leyte which prone to weather systems that often affected power transmission.

This is based on the calculation that Bohol’s electricity demand is expected to increase to 75 megawatts by 2019 and up to 113 megawatts by 2043.

At present, Bohol’s total electricity demand ranges from 64-67 MW wherein 87 percent is being supplied by the power plant in Leyte.


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