Local contacts of Abus probed

The military intelligence network vowed to pursue the local contacts of the armed men who came for a terror mission, following signs some elements have been monitoring the actions from the government side while the clash was ongoing.

These local contacts had allegedly been instrumental before and after the encounter.

Abu Rami, the sub-leader of the Abu Sayyaf Group who brought around 10 heavily armed men to sow terror in Bohol and Cebu, had been known to be internet savvy, based on military intelligence profiling on enemies of the state.


The government side had been tactful in releasing details about the slain officers, but there had been some information that they sustained headshot wounds.

This reportedly alerted the military intelligence as there had been indications that the armed men who landed in Inabanga were ISIS-combat trained.

A classified information had it that sending here a C-130 full of elite combatants was an anticipation of an enemy larger than 10 armed men.

The ISIS attack was actually a longtime hatched plan that had been creatively packaged to make the government believe every terror alert is a false alarm.

They packaged it in the clothes of the home-grown Abu Sayyaf Group to make the government prepare for less.

However, the information leaked to the current administration circle led by President Rodrigo Duterte who is from Mindanao.

The feelers on terror plots sent more than six years ago had been intentionally put on hold several times to establish that all ASG threats are false alarms.

The Bohol-Cebu terror plan was actually a well-studied plot which involved sending here terrain profilers and topographic mappers, government defense profiling, and socio-economic scooping.

These activities had been undertaken oblivious to authorities and had been well-funded by enemies of the state.

They continue to project the usual Sulu-trained ASG, but they had actually successfully gained overseas support from ISIS leaders.

The ISIS leaders overseas had furnished the Sulu group with US brand firearms, ammunitions and other combat gears.

The armed men who came here with Abu Rami allegedly had idea the worn-out long firearms available to the local government troops.

Abu Rami’s men had allegedly established more than just the Joselito Meloria known to sitio Ilaya in barangay Napo, Inabanga.

There had allegedly been advance party who had established in strategic locations readying to aid in any worse scenario, according to the classified information.

Also part of the classified information is that some less suspicious individuals have been tasked to undertake bombings.

These are the armed men’s advance links who do not carry long firearms but just the usual techie gadgets common to any tourist or resident.


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