Man gunned down in Tagbilaran

Police are continuing to investigate the killing of a purported hotel employee who was gunned down right outside his house in Barangay Dao, Tagbilaran City on Wednesday.

According to police investigators, the incident may have been drug-related.

Dandy Gaco, a 40-year-old native of Argao, Cebu who stayed in Barangay Dao with live-in partner Sheanan Hudo, 22, was shot and killed at 1:40 p.m.


Two men, one identified by Hudo as “Billy,” approached the residence and told Gaco to get out of the house.

As Gaco went out, “Billy” shot him multiple times until he fell down, said Hudo.

The suspects immediately fled the crime scene after the shooting, she added.

Gaco, who Hudo said was an employee of a resort in the province, sustained several gunshot wounds which led to his instantaneous death.

According to responding police, they recovered from the crime scene four spent .45 caliber shells, and an improvised shotgun, locally known as “pugakhang,” and drug paraphernalia believed to be of the victim. (Weli Mastrado with a report from Carlos Garcia, HNU MassComm  intern)

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