PNP prov’l command probes death of Abu Saad in escape try

The investigation started yesterday on the circumstances which led to the shooting of Saad Samad Kiram alias Abu Saad, one of the three remaining terrorists who attempted to operate in Bohol.

Prov’l PNP Director Felipe Natividad told the CHRONICLE that the police escorts are now being interrogated on how Abu Saad managed to escape from them while asking the vehicle to stop and requested for  personal necessity.

Natividad said the police escorts will be asked to explain why they allowed Saad  to leave the vehicle at 2 o’clock dawn Friday while he was transported from Camp Dagohoy to the Bohol District Jail in barangay San Isidro, Tagbilaran City.


When the escorts noticed that the terrorist was no longer at the area, they started to look for him until caught him in neighboring town of Cortes after an hourlong hot pursuit operation. Police escorts alleged that Abu Saad attempted to grab the firearm of one of the escorts thus he was shot.

Two gunshot wounds hit his head and body.  He was rushed to the Gov. Celestino Gallares Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Abu Saad was captured in Tubigon town last Thursday morning while asking food from a barangay resident since it was the fiesta of the Tubigon barangay,  Seized in his possession was a 45 caliber pistol and a hand grenade. His remains was buried in Tagbilaran City few hours after his death at the government owned city hospital.


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