Lifeless body found in waters off CPG island-barangay

A lifeless body was found by fishermen near the shores of the island-barangay of Gaus in President P. Garcia (CPG) town on Thursday afternoon.

CPG police chief Insp. Moises Amba told DYRD Balita that the male victim was no longer identifiable and was immediately buried after being examined by the town’s municipal health officer.


The victim who is believed to be fisherman already emitted foul odor, said Amba.

“Lisod na duolon. Pero gi-examine sa doctor, pagkahuman gipalubong nalang sa LGU, sa among admistrator, kay baho naman,” Amba added.

Fishermen wrapped the victim using a net to drag it to shore to avoid damaging the already decomposing body.

From Gaus, the remains of the unidentified victim was taken by the village’s chief tanod (village watchman) to mainland CPG where the victim was buried, said Amba.

There were no indications of foul play in the victim’s death.

According to Amba, there were no signs of struggle and no wounds were seen in the victim’s body.

“Way pinusilan. Basin nalumos to. Nanagat, mi sawm sa lawum unya nalumos,” said Amba.

Authorities believe that the victim is not from Bohol particularly CPG as there were no reported missing persons in the town at the time of the body’s discovery.

No information on missing persons have also been relayed by other Bohol police stations to authorities in CPG.

The victim may have been from another province particularly as he was found in one of the town’s nearest barangays to Leyte, Amba said.

Should someone claim the victim’s body, it may be exhumed after a clearance from authorities is secured, he added. (AD)

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