Marcela Farms poultry products are bird flu-free

With the outbreak of bird flu in Luzon, Marcela Farms, Inc. (MFI), a local farm here in Bohol which is a subsidiary of the Alturas Group of Companies, is reaching out to its consumers to assure them that its poultry farms and products remain 100% free of bird flu, and are very safe to eat.

In its advisory to the public printed in a whole page advertisement in this paper, MFI announces that its products, like chickens and eggs, are all produced locally in Bohol under strict bio-security measures; and the farms adhere to international food safety and health standards.

According to farm manager, Mr. Joseph M. Gildore, MFI also has its own breeder farm and hatchery utilizing state-of-the-art technology with high-end facilities. “Aduna tay kaugalingon nga breeder, kita ang nagpa-itlog, kita ang nagpa-hatch, ug kita ang nagpa-grow, busa, kabalo nata sa quality sa manok sukad pa sa pag-breed niini hangtod nga ihawon…”


He added the poultry products are in a complete broiler production cycle in which he pointed out traceability, which means continuity in the stages of production, from breeding, hatching, and the harvest, thus, the farm can always guarantee of its safe and healthy products.

Furthermore, to prevent any contamination, the grow-outs are placed inside sealed or close-type buildings with controlled temperature; and being fed with farm-produced Marcela Feeds which has its own nutritive value to ensure healthy and high-quality products.   

No wonder Marcela Farms, Inc. is among the biggest suppliers of chickens to fast foods greats such as Max’s Restaurant, Jollibee Foods Corporation, Kuya J Restaurant, and other reputable restaurants in Manila. Representatives from these restaurants are sending occasionally at the farms to constantly monitor the products.

The National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) is also regularly monitoring its farms, plants and other processing facilities as an additional safeguard to the public.

Aside from poultry, Marcela Farms, Inc. has diversified business covering agriculture and piggery, aquaculture, and manufacturing industries; with its world-class and export-quality products ranging from tilapia and milkfish, shrimps and prawns, livestock and rice. The aqua products have been exported to Europe, South Korea, Japan and the local market.

Meanwhile, the Department of Agriculture (DA) is already implementing strict measures to prevent the further outbreak of bird flu as DA Secretary Manny Piñol issued a memorandum circular which  imposes a temporary ban on the shipment of all live domestic wild birds including poultry meat, eggs, chicks and manure from Luzon going to Visayas and Mindanao. In Bohol, the entry of bird flu can easily be monitored here. Gov. Edgar Chatto had already formed a task force on the matter and directed provincial veterinarian, Dr. Stella Marie Lapiz, to strictly implement the DA ban.    

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