Behold…Bohol’s ‘Sea of Clouds’

(Text: Adrian Adaptar, Photos:


The Municipality of Danao is already known for its heart-stopping rides with EAT DANAO or Extreme/Educational/Eco Adventure Tour and its rich historical background as it used to be the hiding place of Dagohoy, the Boholano who led the longest Philippine Revolt against the Spaniards.


But now, there’s more… a breathtaking view comparable to what Mt. Pulag affords is well within the reach of adventure-seeking Boholanos in the town of Danao, which is a mere two-hour drive from the City of Tagbilaran via the Sagbayan-Danao Road.

With a minimal environmental user’s fee of 25 pesos and you’re just meters away from experiencing this newly-discovered scenic landscape.


The “Sea of Clouds” was first made popular by a proud Danaoanon, Mr. Reil Cenabre, as he and his wife were trying to find a good spot to catch a superb view of the sunrise, and to their surprise, a “sea of clouds” captivated their eyes are they were trekking by the timberlands of Brgy. Concepcion in September 2016.

Upon beholding the sight, his wife uttered the words “Wow! Sea of Clouds!” in awe.


And so today, it’s called Danao’s “Sea of Clouds.”

The social media post of Reil in October 2016 then became viral and shared by thousands of people, catching the interest of Boholanos and foreign tourists alike to see for themselves the amazing spectacle.

As an aftermath, there has also been some confusion for the visitors as to which town the sea of clouds is part of since it could also be viewed well from the nearby town of Dagohoy.

The Mayor of Danao, Hon. Natividad Gonzaga, however, was benevolent in saying:

“We are blessed by nature with these clouds. This is God’s gift. We didn’t do anything to have this and that’s why there is no point to argue (which town the sea of clouds belongs.) Rather, let us all enjoy, savor and share in this wonderful gift.

To live and let live. We have also to take care of this gift. Our people have benefited so much from this – from the habal-habal drivers and the locals who became entrepreneurial in taking care of the tourists’ need for water, coffee, food and etc.”

Surely, her late son, Ex-Mayor Tomas Gonzaga who initially thought of placing Danao in the tourism map must be smiling up there knowing that his plans for the betterment of Danao will continue, this time under his mother’s administration.

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