Caught on CCTV: woman steals from convenience store in Tagbilaran

A female suspect on Thursday was caught on closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera stealing from a 24-hour convenience store in Tagbilaran City.

Geraline Sumampong, cashier of Dalikyat along J.A. Clarin Street, was reportedly unable to notice that the still unidentified woman stole two cigarette rims or cartons from the store.


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Based on the footage, the woman hid the cigarette cartons inside her skirt while an also unidentified male accomplice was talking to Sumampong.

The man was seen through a separate footage from another angle paying for other items while the female suspect was at the far end of the store taking the cigarettes.

In a report to police, Sumampong noted that they found out about the theft when they conducted an inventory of products.

This prompted her to check footage from the multiple CCTV cameras mounted inside the store.

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The case has been referred to the Tagbilaran City police’s theft and robbery section. (WM)

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