Man nabbed for loose gun, drugs in Tagbilaran

Suspect Jestonee “Tonton” Baliong was arrested for illegal gun possession in Tagbilaran City on Wednesday afternoon.

A man initially believed to be a policeman was arrested for possession of an unlicensed firearm and illegal drugs on Tuesday afternoon.


Police identified the suspect as one Jestonee “Tonton” Baliong, a 24-year-old native of Barangay Hanapol Norte, Balilihan.

According to Sr. Insp. Erano Regidor of the Tagbilaran City police, they were conducting a routine patrol in Mabuhay Village when they spotted Baliong.

The suspect was reportedly driving his motorcycle with his gun tucked in his waist and bulging from under his jacket.

This prompted police to flag down Baliong who was unable to show documents and license for his gun.

Authorities also questioned whether Baliong was a policeman or an agent but he admitted that he was not connected to any law enforcement agency.

In a report, police said that they seized from Baliong a fully loaded .45 caliber pistol and two packets of suspected shabu inside his motorcycle’s U-box.

Baliong’s firearm has been sent to a crime laboratory for analysis and to determine if it had been used in a previous crime. (WM)

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