There’s more than meets the eye at Unli All Barbecue Bohol

For a lot of Filipinos, barbecue is not merely a ready-to-eat, street-side snack. Rather, it is a piece of historically rich comfort food dating back to ages. Served in family occasions, gatherings, fiestas, Noche Buena during Christmas, or even on a simple brunch out with friends, it definitely is an esteemed meal.

Countries around the world each have distinctive way of processing, preparing, and cooking such a dish. While barbecue did not originate in the Philippines, we have adopted and even developed our own distinguishing style – an explosive mixture of American Barbecue flavor and Asian style skewers. Having stated that, we might have just found your next favorite “bbq-han” in town and that’s Unli All Barbecue Bohol.

‘Unli All’ (as they are most popularly known), is nestled in a conveniently situated all-in-one food bazaar at BV Square along A. Hontanosas Street, Poblacion 3, Tagbilaran City. It’s adjacent to the private market a bit farther from Shopper’s Mart and just near the former President Garcia’s Heritage House. You are left literally with no reason not to pay them a visit. Moreso, their prompt and swift service is open 4 hours every day from Mondays to Saturdays at 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.


The newest barbecue spot in Tagbilararan had its formal opening and blessing last Monday, the 16th of October 2017. Sing along and prepare yourself for a roller coaster of emotions from a poignant spoken word to thought-provoking awe.

Unli All offers a varied and multifarious selection of barbecue cuts (lean, fatty, isaw, et al.) and flavors (normal or spicy). Whatever your taste buds desire, there’s undoubtedly one for you. I am no connoisseur but I know a good tasting barbecue when I guzzle one. Steering away from the typical pinoy barbecue sauce, Unli All opted to innovate and has successfully established a unique and exclusive taste which bears that sweet savory smoked flavor and a subtle balanced blend of brininess and zestfulness which every Filipino fancy and just can’t get enough. You need to give yourself a favor and enjoy the simple pleasures of humanly existence; and by that I mean the mouth-watering barbecues of Unli All Barbecue Bohol.

If you happen to pay the place a visit, you will be greeted with full on smiles from 5 ‘boy-next-door’ irresistibly good looking guys who’d happily serve you. But don’t get fooled by their charm because these ingenious boys are the people behind such remarkable concept.

Unli All Barbecue Bohol, being owned by student entrepreneurs, has an intriguing history behind it. Students [of Holy Spirit School of Tagbilaran] by day, assiduous entrepreneurs by night, Ivhan Butalid, Niño Sagarino, Neil Alindayu, Paul Cantoneros and Luigee Salibay are the individuals you owe your best barbecue experience to.

I have had the opportunity to converse with the people behind such brilliant business venture and I just had to ask them, “What can possibly spur someone into making barbecues a possible point of profit?”

“It started with a vision of starting our own business. We were inspired by our past business ventures and with personal events in our lives. So we went out and look for something different. But we saw something common [barbecue] and decided to make something unique and different out of it. We were eating barbecue and we were able to come up with an idea to open up a barbecue venture of our own with a unique concept which is unli all.”

When asked what their thoughts and insights are upon undertaking such venture, they confidently asserted “We want to be an inspiration, a motivation for others [on taking the risk of putting up their own business]. We want to be successful and eventually branch out to other places, or perhaps have our own building in the nearest future. Lastly, we definitely want everyone to find our place comfortable since it is our priority here, and that is to satisfy our customers and make them happy.”

STUDENTS BY DAY, ASSIDUOUS ENTREPRENEURS BY NIGHT. The guys behind Unli All Barbecue Bohol: (L-R) Neil, Paul, Luigee, Ivhan and Niño.

I am quite fascinated and, frankly, moved by their spirit and perseverance. It is rare for a bunch of 17-18 year olds to be in such disposition. Furthermore, to actually act upon and realize a dream; to transcend beyond the faulty cultured mañana habit. Let these men be our daily reminder that nothing is impossible when you choose not to sit around and solely depend on luck and miracle. (Harold Pasagad)

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