Boholano Las Vegas massacre hero honored by SP

Maquindang is interviewed over local Las Vegas news network 13 Action News after his heroic act. | Photo : 13 Action News

The Bohol Provincial Board (PB) on Friday formally honored Winifredo “Winnie” Maquindang who has been hailed in the US as a hero during the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada earlier this month.


PB members praised Maquindang, a native of Barangay Sawang in Loboc, through a resolution for his bravery in helping save lives of the mass shooting victims.

In a privilege speech, Board member Jade Bautista said that Maquindang’s selflessness made not only Boholanos proud, but the entire country.

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Maquindang reportedly helped six victims of the mass shooting who were injured by gunshot wounds by rushing them to a hospital.

He was parked near the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino when Stephen Paddock, 64, perched on the 32nd floor of the said establishment, started to open fire at concertgoers below.

But instead of heading for safety, Maquindang drove towards the shooting area and picked up injured passengers.

The incident led to the death of 59 people, including Paddock who reportedly took his own life, and left 546 people injured.

It has been deemed as the deadliest mass shooting in recent US history. (R. Tutas)

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