Barangay tanod gunned down in Buenavista

A barangay tanod (village watchman) who was tethering his carabao was shot dead by a still unidentified assailant in a remote village in Buenavista town on Saturday.

The victim, Luciano Jerusalem, a resident of Barangay Bugaong Buenavista, died of six gunshot wounds in various parts of his body, said SPO4 Rolando Amor, officer-in-charge of the Buenavista Police Staion.

The shooting transpired in Sitio Pangapang, Barangay Putingbato, Amor added.


Based on a statement from a witness, the victim begged for his life and shouted at the gunman before several gunshots were heard.

“Ayaw dong, ayaw dong,” Jerusalem reportedly said.

The witness however did not see the suspect’s face.

Responding police officers found Jerusalem’s lifeless body drenched in blood and six .45 and one 9mm bullet shells in the crime scene.

According to Amor, they are still facing a blank wall as to the motive in Jerusalem’s killing.

Jerusalem’s family told police that the victim had no known enemies and had not recently engaged in any conflict with anyone prior to his killing.

Police however are now looking into the identity of a possible suspect behind the crime. (A. Doydora)

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