Solon pushes for small-town lottery in Bohol

A Provincial Board member has expressed support for the expansion of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO)-backed small-town lottery (STL) into Bohol.

Board Member Elpidio Jala called for the encouragement of starting STL in the province by elaborating to the public processes involved in starting a franchise.


“Lotto is a very lucrative economic enterprise in the country, and this representation does not even know how to start the business and who can operate the said business,” Jala said.

He cited STL as a profitable enterprise wherein local government units would also get a share of revenues.

“In aid of legislation, this representation wants to know how to open an STL business, who can open, who what are the requirements and how the LGU including the province earn from the economic enterprise,” Jala added.

According to Jala, there are 24 STL franchise holders across the country including those that run 2-number game and Suwer3.

Jala noted that the initiative would proceed through coordination with the PCSO office in Bohol.

Only one STL operation is allowed in each province as part of measures to eradicate illegal numbers games such as masiao and illicit swertres.

Meanwhile, Jala’s proposal has been submitted to the SP’s committee on trade and industry and commuttee on ways and means for further study. (R. Tutas)

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