CVIRAA delegate loses P15K to thief in Tagbilaran

A delegate to the ongoing Central Visayas Regional Athletic Association (CVIRAA) meet in Tagbilaran City fell prey to a thief who swiped his belongings including cash from inside his team’s living quarters.

Victim Ramonito Cortes from Bais City, Negros Oriental told police on Tuesday that he lost P15,000 kept inside his sling bag which was stolen.

Cortes has been staying at an elementary school in Barangay Tiptip.


According to Cortes, he left the bag inside his designated room at the school but it was already missing along with its contents when he returned.

Government identification cards and important documents were also kept inside the stolen bag, Cortes said.

The victim suspected that the thief sneaked into the school and went through his belongings.

However, initial police investigation indicated that no one entered the premises other than the delegates billeted at the school.

The theft and robbery section of the Tagbilaran City police has been tasked to conduct a follow-up probe on the case. (wm)

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