Students in Jagna ‘possessed by spirits’

At least 10 students of the Jagna High School in Barangay Bunga Mar, Jagna were believed to have been possessed by spirits on Monday and Tuesday.

According to Jagna Councilor Anthony Aniscal, the hysteria started last Monday when six students began speaking gibberish.

Some of the students got angry when rosaries were hung around their necks.


Then the hysteria spread to four more students on Tuesday.

Based on the claim of an albularyo (village healer), Aniscal said that the students drew the ire of spirits inhabiting an old kalachuchi tree in the school’s yard.

The area around the tree had reportedly been used as a dump site for the school’s trash.

The spirits would try to possess all of the school’s students unless the area is cleaned, the Albularyo told Aniscal.

Following the incident, classes in all levels at the high school on Wednesday were suspended.

A Mass will be held and rituals will be conducted at the school. (AD)

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