BIR reminds Boholanos on income tax deadline

The Bureau of Internal Revenue has issued a reminder to Boholano taxpayers on the deadline for the filing of the 2017 Annual Income Tax Return (ITR) which is set on April 15 this year.

District Revenue Officer Tohammie L. Yahya during an interview with the Chronicle urged taxpayers not to wait for the deadline to avoid the deadline rush. He also appealed for an honest declaration of  taxes.

He reminded the public that corresponding penalties will be imposed on those who would fail to file income tax returns after the April 19 deadline. 


Penalty for failure to beat the deadline is 25% surcharge and interest, he said.

Yahya who once served as assistant district revenue officer of Bohol expressed confidence of the Boholanos’ awareness that paying their taxes can be translated to government programs.    

The statement of the Bohol district revenue officer came in cadence with an earlier statement issued by BIR Regional Director Aynie E. Mandajoyan-Dizon that “taxes paid will go for social services to eradicate extreme poverty and reduce inequality. 

Regional Director Dizon, in a press statement said “with our taxpayers’ support, the current administration will be able to fund investments in education, achieving a more conducive learning environment with the ideal teacher-to-student ratio and classroom-to-student ratio. With the taxpayers’ help, the government will be able to invest more in the country’s healthcare by providing better services and facilities.”

The BIR reminded that the government’s “Build,Build,Build” program needs the support from the taxpaying public.

“The revenue raised through taxes will be used to fund the infrastructure program of the DPWH which consists of major highways, expressways and flood control projects which are needed in order to sustain a high and inclusive growtn,” Dizon concluded.

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