2 dead as motorcycles collide head on in Mabini

Two motorcycles collided head on in Barangay Poblacion 2, Mabini at past 4 p.m.on Monday causing the death of the vehicles’ drivers.|Photo: Adolfo Bucio Salas via Gerry Cajes

Two motorcyclists were killed after their motorcycles collided head on in Mabini town on Monday afternoon.

According to Insp. Marciano Elvedra Jr., Mabini police chief, victims Sebedenio Balili, 59, and Dandi Ulajay, 36, died on the spot.


Balili and Ulajay succumbed to severe injuries to the head based on the assessment of municipal health officer Dr. Heidi Bernas, said Elvedra.

Both victims were not wearing helmets or other protective gear during the accident, he added.

Based on initial police investigation, Balili was driving along the national road in Barangay Poblacion 2 of the town when Ulajay slammed straight towards him.

Ulajay was out of control and was crisscrossing right before the collision, Elvedra said.

The accident happened less than a month after the Bohol Provincial Police Office ordered the province-wide implementation of the Helmet Law.

However, Elvedra said that the Mabini Police Station is still awaiting the approval of a municipal ordinance ordering the mandatory use of helmets among motorcyclists.

“Ang among problema, wala pa tay municipal ordinance kabahin sa helmet. Ila pang gihimo ang public hearing pag-agi para sa maong ordinance,” he added.

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