Woman, 50, hurt in hacking incident in Sierra Bullones

A 50-year-old woman survived an attack by a bolo-wielding man who allegedly hacked her multiple times across her body outside a house in Sierra Bullones where she was working as a caretaker.

Victim Columba Muring, 50, of Barangay Nabuad, Inabanga was already in stable condition but remained at the hospital while the suspect, Hilbert Mumar, 40, was charged with frustrated homicide.


According to SPO1 Jason Arabejo of the Sierra Bullones police, Mumar threw rocks at the house where Muring was staying and forcefully entered the residence by breaking the door’s lock at past 7 p.m. Sunday.

Muring defended herself by slashing Mumar with a scythe and hitting him in his forehead. She was able to get out of the house but the suspect caught up, said Arabejo.

Mumar then hacked Muring with his bolo multiple times until she was able to get way from the suspect and ask help from neighbors.

According to Arabejo, police were able to apprehend Mumar immediately after the incident as residents in the area quickly alerted the authorities.

Lynn Tiongco, a non-uniformed personnel of the Sierra Bullones Police Station, said that the Muring and Mumar had been in conflict for a while but did not elaborate on details.

Muring continued to be treated for her injuries while Mumar remained detained at the municipal police’s lock-up jail. (A. Doydora)

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