Kagawad punches face of barangay captain in Albur

A barangay captain in Alburquerque who extended an unconventional congratulatory gesture to a barangay councilor ended up getting punched in the face.

According to SPO2 Dennis Bastes of the Alburquerque Police Station, Barangay Councilor Allan Nesterot punched the face of Barangay Captain Nestor Manigo on the day of the polls on Monday.


Nestorot and Manigo who were both reelected as officials in Barangay Dangay, Alburquerque ran under the same ticket.

After being told that they had won, Manigo congratulated Nesterot with a friendly tap to the face.

According to Manigo, he had no intention of hurting or disrespecting the kagawad with the gesture.

However, Nesterot took the tap to his face as an affront prompting him to respond with his fist by punching Manigo.

The incident led to a scuffle but the two were eventually able to settle their differences after explaining their sides. (A. Doydora)

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