Jail guard shot dead in Talibon

Photo contributed by Leonel Montañes

A jail guard assigned to the Talibon District Jail who was on his way home to San Miguel town on board a motorcycle was shot dead in broad daylight by at least two assailants in Talibon on Tuesday afternoon.

The fatality, identified as JO2 Ricky Encila of Barangay Corazon, San Miguel, was declared dead on the spot, said SPO3 Jose Bongator of the Talion Police Station.


According to Bongator, Encila sustained multiple gunshot wounds mostly in the head and was likely gunned down by two motorcycle-riding suspects.

“Posibli na duha ka taw [ang mipusil] kay duha man ka klaseng kabhang sa armas ang atong nakuha,” said Bongator.

Investigators are still facing a blank wall as to the identities of the suspects and motive behind the daylight gun attack.

“So far, wa pa tay nakita kay atong napangutana ang iyang mga kaubanan sa buhat sa jail, wa man silay nakita na gika-away mao na sa pagka-karon, wa pa tay nakita kung unsa g’yuy anggulo nga naka-angin sa pagpamusil sa ilang kauban,” said Bongator.

Encila was a jail guard under the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology.

Based on witness’ statements, Encila was driving towards the direction of San Miguel town when the two motorcycle-riding gunmen who were trailing him shot him repeatedly in Barangay San Agustin, Talibon.

Police found in the crime scene 13 fired spent shells, six from a .45 caliber pistol and seven from a 9mm pistol.

According to Bongator, police were still conducting further investigations on the case.

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