Tagbilaran-bound fastcraft stranded for hours in rough seas

Philippine Coast Guard personnel await the return of M/V St. St Jhudiel at Pier 1 of the Cebu City port as it is being guided back to land by a tugboat.|Photo from Cebu City Councilor Dave Tumulak’s Facebook page

A fastcraft bound for Tagbilaran City got stalled mid-sea after it was forced to return to its port of origin in Cebu CIty as it was battered by strong waves in Lawis Ledge off Talisay City, Cebu on Tuesday afternoon.

According to Seaman 2nd Class John Sinajon of Philippine Coastguard Guard (PCG) Tagbilaran, Supercat’s M/V St. Jhudiel was stranded for several hours at sea.


The vessel was supposed to return to Cebu City after experiencing strong waves but encountered a system malfunction some “800 yards” from the port, said Sinajon.

Supercat’s captain was reportedly forced to turn off the engine leaving the vessel to float amid strong waves.

It left Pier 1 in Cebu City at 1:25 p.m. and was reportedly able to return at around 5 p.m. after it was guided back to land by a tugboat.

There were no reported injuries during the incident.

However, a passenger of the stranded vessel said that many of the people onboard the fastcraft experienced nausea and vomited due to the strong waves.

They were also told to put their life vests on.

A tugboat guides M/V St. Jhudiel back to the Cebu City port.|Photo from Cebu City Councilor Dave Tumulak’s Facebook page

“Naay nangsuka. Dagko kaayo [ang bawod]. Nangsyagit mi, nag-panic g’yud,” Danny Vistal, a vacationer from Davao, told dyLA Cebu.

Meanwhile, other passenger shipping firms in Tagbilaran including Ocean Jet cancelled their afternoon trips due to harsh weather conditions.

The PCG in Tagbilaran however has not received any order to officially bar vessels from travelling. (A. Doydora)

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