40,000 sacks of NFA rice arrive in Tagbilaran

A total of 40,000 sacks of National Food Authority rice arrive at the Tagbilaran City port at 9 a.m. on Tuesday.

A total of 40,000 sacks of National Food Authority (NFA) rice have been delivered to Bohol after months of zero supply of the government’s subsidized rice varieties.

The rice supply was shipped from Cebu and arrived at the Tagbilaran City pier at 9 a.m. on Tuesday.


According to NFA provincial manager Ping Evasco, the rice variety was imported from Thailand and will be sold at P27 per kilo.

Consumers in the province can expect NFA rice to be back in the markets as it will be sold to retailers starting Wednesday.

However, sale of the products will be limited due to still insufficient supply, said Evasco.

NFA rice retailers have been directed to limit the allocation of rice to a single consumer to five kilos, she added.

The recently delivered rice supply is expected to be quickly depleted due to the slew of consumers waiting for the resupply.

For over four months, Bohol had zero supply of NFA rice causing prices of commercial rice variants in markets to shoot up.

Prices during the period reached P45 per kilo in various areas of the province. (A. Doydora)

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