Dauis vice mayor allegedly bloodies boy with piece of wood; lawyer says issue is politically motivated

A 10-year-old boy needed four stitches to close up a bloody gash in his forehead which was allegedly caused by a piece of wood thrown at him by Dauis Vice Mayor Luciano Bongalos.

Mark (not his real name) confirmed to local media that it was Bongalos who threw the wood which hit his forehead outside the vice mayor’s property in Dauis at past 12 noon on Saturday.


“Dugay naman mi ga-puyo diri,” said Mark as he confirmed that he knew Bongalos. “Unang buno wala ko ma igo kay nakalikay ko. Ika duha, mi-kuha siya’g talinis niya na-igo na ko sa agtang.”

Mark’s mother, Bambie Dumado, confronted Bongalos after the incident but the vice mayor allegedly ignored her.

“Pag-uli nako, nakita g’yud nako na ang akong bata daghan kaayog dugo. So ako siyang gidala padung ila vice. Ako pa ganing gi ingnan na ‘unsa man ni klase na vice nga pasakitan maning bata.’ Giingnan  nako ‘hoy, vice.’ Karon mi sakay man nuon siya sa iyang awto, mi-diretso. Mi-likay man nuon,” said Dumado.

Dumado has sought assistance from the Department of Social Welfare and Development and is determined to press charges.

For his part, Atty. Lord Popot Marapao IV, Bongalos’ legal counsel, confirmed that the victim’s camp has not filed a formal complaint against the vice mayor and they have not received a sworn statement from the complainant.

He also pointed out that there were inconsistencies in the alleged victim’s public statements.

“Og atong i-analyze, the mother was not there. Ang iyang statement is definitely hearsay. Ang bata pud, there are inconsistencies. Sa unang interview, gi sulti pud sa bata na wa siya kaila sa taw. Unya karon, sa iyang succeeding interviews, diha pay part na gi dikteran siya sa ga-interview niya sa pangan sa taw,” said Marapao.

Marapao alluded that the issue was politically motivated.

He alleged that those behind the recent allegation against Bongalos were the same people who orchestrated the legal attacks against Dauis Mayor Miriam Sumaylo and her husband Josever Sumaylo, both political allies of the vice mayor.

“Mao gihapon ning mga tawhana ang ni-sakay sa issue. Mao gihapon ning mga tawhana ang gapakita na kunuhay mi-tabang aning bata pero I don’t see og unsa pay laing motibo nila ani,”Marapao said. “Siguro ga-lisod ni sila og pangita og taw na mo-pildi kang Vice Mayor Bongalos, mao mo-resort nalang sila ani.”

However, Marapao assured that his client will face complaints should there be any which will be filed against him for the alleged attack on the minor.

“He will not run. But we will be awaiting the proper process to commence. And we are very much eager to clear his name,” Marapao said. (AD)

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