Expose the narco-politicians

WE HAVE HEARD MORE THAN ENOUGH. That 70% of the crimes committed in this country is somehow related to drugs. Persons under the influence of illegal substances lose their logic, morals, and perspective- they commit up to the most abominable crimes.

When they run out of funds to support their addictive condition, they beg, steal and borrow. Mostly steal and hold-up and do “fundraising crimes”. They are a millstone on the neck of families they belong to and an abomination to society.


The middlemen peddlers of the trade are encouraged to sloth /laziness- easy money for quick work. Exposure to the substance often makes these peddlers drug- users themselves and, thus, multiplies the problem.

Meantime, the drug lords become the richest, though the most detestable citizens of the community, where their sitting on a pot of gold encourages them to secure private armies and go into other lucrative crimes as illegal gambling, prostitution, kidnapping for ransom and influence peddling or blackmail of politicians and judges.

Collectively, they create a dysfunctional society- without the rule of law and the order of civilized citizenry. Narco politicians, especially the Narco Mayors are the worst kind.

They control the police in their locality and can, therefore, protect their narco trade and violate those who run counter to their evil designs.  If they have a hold on the Sanggunian, they make sure no laws are passed that will endanger their trade or affect the interests of those parties included in their drug loop.

That is why it gives us goose pimples hearing the DILG say in public that there are in the narco list- 90 politicians, 50 of them mayors. That these mayors are still in their seats of office could be due to the clever layers of parties they installed so no direct link could be legally established to haul them to the courts or jail or meet their Creator. Or they are just plain “Untouchables”.

That is why the DILG said that it will ask the COMELEC to disqualify these narco politicians from fooling their constituents again and further firm up their Drug Communities.

With the filing of certificates of candidacies (COC) starting four days from today, the electorate is excited to know who these heinous creatures are and running in the 2019 elections.

A random survey conducted by top-rated “Inyong Alagad” program of dyRD last Wednesday shows a resounding 96%  of the people backing up the DILG pronouncement to block their COCs.

It becomes obvious that the campaign of Pres. Duterte against drugs continues to gain support to the extent of 80% of surveyed respondents nationwide.

The List of Narco Politicians is over a  year old. Even former OIC Governor and Committee drafting the new Federalism concept and former law teacher of President Digong Duterte (Victor de la Serna) himself saw the list. To be sure, being a lawyer, Digong has legal reasons why the list cannot just be publicized like an ordinary legal notice.

If the timing may appear bad coming as it does before the filing of the COCs, it is perhaps the intense desire of the authorities not to see these scoundrels back to their posts again- and guess what, using the same illicit narco money to buy voters and intimidate opponents. A vicious cycle that needs to be ended.

The legal question would have to be – on what basis will the COMELEC  block the electoral running of these blacklisted candidates? If they are proven as drug lords, peddlers or protectors- betcha by golly- they should be haled to the courts or jails. Apparently, the government does not yet have enough  foolproof and incontrovertible evidence “to throw the book at them.” There lies the dilemma of both the COMELEC and the DILG.

The suspects might get back at their accusers as manipulating a  trial by publicity as they have not been proven in their actual involvement in drugs or even libel for besmirching their reputation (sic).

Ideally, it could have been best if these names were divulged a year ago so cases would have also been filed. For voters, the mere filing of a case against one involved in drugs would have already been a  deterrent for the electorate to vote them. And that would look like the benign due process in a democracy.

The move to expose these officials is laudable but the timing and the manner it will be used to block their candidacies can be questioned, legally and in the bar of public opinion especially by those in the list.

But this much we can say. Those narco politicians running for election better drop their COCs (if filed) or not file at all for their own sake.  Politically, they do not have nine lives and eventually, the long arm of the law will catch their tails no matter how deep the caves they will hide their bodies in the coming months.

This laudable move for banning is even driving skeptics to wag their tongues and shake their heads in disbelief.  Why- many politicians facing, convicted., released from jail for even plunder cases (involving P50-M and above) are the first- thick-faced and all- to line up to the COMELEC these coming days and give their tarnished name for the public to give the benefit of our doubt, our foot.

We have more than enough proofs in the past why it is wrong to assume altogether that this correct move to ban narco-politicians will find fruition and success. But sometimes, miracles do happen- that’s why in novels they are called ” deus ex machina”. Let’s pray for it.

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NOW THAT PRESIDENT RODRIGO DUTERTE  has himself admitted to a series of repeat medical tests called colonoscopy and endoscopy in premier Cardinal Santos hospital in Greenhills- it should give everyone pause and even say a prayer for the president, no matter how one perceives him to be. Every life is precious.

The president at 73, is the oldest to be elected chief executive of the nation. He has admitted illnesses from his past smoking, drinking and a spinal injury from a motorcycle accident in Mindanao. His darkened skin appearance these days does not help any in assuring President Digong is in the pink of health. ( No irony intended).

Since he is theoretically the “Father of the Nation”, it matters to all the citizens like you and us that there is an orderly succession of power -if and when- the president (not necessarily dies) but is incapacitated to fulfill his presidential duties and obligations.

But for as long as Digong is able to hold office, all are enjoined to behave like law-abiding and productive citizens. That is the right thing to do regardless of who our president is.

For comments: email to dejarescobingo@yahoo.com or bohol-rd@mozcom.com

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