May 2019 polls – more of the same?

BOHOLANO ELECTORATE IS EXPECTING MORE  from the May 2019 candidates- that their campaigns be platform-based and not more of the same  “thunder and lightning” signifying nothing,

Evident during the filing was the different rainbow colors of the political parties but with the “warring candidates”  both belonging to the administration of President Digong Duterte.  This happened in the Bohol gubernatorial race where Rep. Art Yap (formerly from another party) now represents the PDP-Laban and resigned Cabinet Secretary Leoncio “Jun” Evasco -now suddenly aligned with the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC).


Yes, two different parties identified with industrialist Danding Cojuangco and former Senate President Nene Pimentel but both known to be working under wings of the Duterte administration.

So at the end of the day, the majority of those winning here would belong to the administration party regardless of what “political parties” they belong.  But what is making some sectors apprehensive will the vacuum of an opposition camp to do the check and balance after next year’s election-if and when 80% will be clad in Duterte uniforms.

Also noted in the roll call of candidates is that almost the same personalities are showing up as candidates. In the towns, the last termer mayor simply slides down as vice mayor and vice versa. This is true in the provincial and congressional bets.  A random survey conducted by dyRD’s top-rated “Inyong Alagad” program showed that the reason for this is the prohibitive cost of getting elected in this country, It is money politics.

That is the main reason why one can hardly see newly elected faces because  It takes hundreds of thousands if not millions of pesos for one to get a good winning edge in an election.  Even the most qualified and the most saintly will never win without money- let us face it.

Vote buying as an increasing anthem is the call of the day. It is true that even in the lowly municipal level, a mayoralty race could command a  P3 million budget just to win as a town mayor in a small town.    

It is the same tired, worn-out dictum every election that Boholanos deserve the officials we have because many of us sell our votes.  The amount involved (to the vote buyer) is not a joke.  We just hope that once the campaign period starts, people will start listening to the various platforms of governance, get the money from everyone who offers but then-vote wisely according to the dictates of the brain and conscience.

Of course, there is also a good side to it. In our case, the political dictum coined by once presidential candidate Danding Cojuangco that “all politics is local” takes a different meaning.

Because while it is true that many candidates may be pro-Digong in stripes, they have local governance issues to resolve.

For instance, on the day of filing, political fireworks already exploded with conviction when gubernatorial bet Evasco did not waste a single day before questioning the “useless” and “expensive” spending of (the Chatto administration  on food catering service ” allegedly to  the tune of P3-Million a month- citing a COA (Commission on Audit) report.

This early, Evasco is also already demanding for an explanation of why drugs continue to proliferate in the province despite the press releases of successful drug busts -which by themselves confirm the magnitude and severity of the drug trade here. This with the   ” loud” insinuation that the present administration in Bohol could be protectors on illegal drugs.

Both initial salvos embrace first the good governance, no-graft issue and the second, the anti-drug campaign of the government- drugs being blamed to death to be the reason behind 70% of crimes committed.

While it is amusing and thrilling for the electorate to hear these verbal calisthenics  and mental jousts,  the parties,  but first and foremost- the candidates must offer solutions to problems and alternatives to wrong, misdirected policies.

Otherwise, it will be the same “thunder and lightning” again and representing nothing, yet again. We -and the country- deserve something better.

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THE ONLY REDEEMING SCENE ON THE NATIONAL FRONT is that while there are many political parties all tripping over one another to say they are Digong’s “favored” party- at least there are genuine oppositionists in the ranks of the Liberal Party, the Magdalo, Akbayan, and the progressive political left.

Of course, one cannot help but puke at the omnipresence of the clowns and jesters, the corrupt, the incorrigible losers, the senile (you know who)  and the violent men and women posting their faces to be called the future  “public servants”. For instance, more than 60% of the senator -applicants do not deserve a second look and should be stricken off the list,

The same with showbiz personalities- 32 of them listed prominently as seeking high office.  Many of them are stealing important government elective positions better reserved for the “best and the brightest” by using their “popularity” and the star complex-obsession of the electorate to win the polls.

Even the so-called “party list”, supposed to represent the marginalized, disadvantaged sectors in society has been bastardized and are instead represented by candidates with bloated bank accounts, immoral conscience and with no genuine love and concern for the poor and the dispossessed. 

The Philippine political system- it is still a crying shame. It has always been.

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