Alleged mayor-run quarry shut down

A 3,000-square meter quarry site in Alicia allegedly administered by the mayor of Candijay has been ordered shut down by local and national environment authorities due to lack of documents including a permit to operate.

The site was abandoned after the Bohol Environment Management Office and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) issued the order to cease operations on October 25, said Engr. Ana Galicanao, chief of the BEMO’s mineral unit.

According to Galicanao, the quarry located in Barangay Napo in Alicia was being operated by Candijay Mayor Cristopher Tutor based on the report of the said village’s chief, Barangay Captain Paulino Gumopas.


It was Gumopas who personally reported the alleged illegal quarrying in his village to the BEMO.

“Kay before ta mo-issue og permit, mo-agi man g’yud na sa barangay kay i-endorse mana sa barangay. Mao tong gi-inform mi diri sa BEMO by the barangay captain na wa g’yud kuno siya ka-issue og resolution ana nga application,” Galicanao said. “Amo gi-suta, diha g’yuy operation so among gipa-stop. Niya karon, gi-abandon na.”

The BEMO noted that the quarry site was not considered as a “danger zone.”

However, a composite team comprised of the BEMO and DENR including the Mines and Geosciences Bureau and Environmental Management Bureau continued their probe on the case to determine the possible penalty for the quarry’s administrators.

The same team inspected the quarry site before it was ordered shut down.

Based on Gumopas’ report to the BEMO, the quarry had been operating for about six years, even before he was elected as barangay captain in May this year.

According to Galicanao, the quarry can resume operations if its administrators comply with the requirements and secure a permit to operate. (Allen Doydora)

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