3 Russians lose P690K to compatriot’s ‘scam’ in Panglao

The Russian Embassy in the Philippines was alerted after a Russian national allegedly swindled three of his compatriots out of at least P690,000.

The victims reportedly coordinated with their embassy for assistance in locating the suspect, Mikriukov Roman, who has not been seen after he borrowed money from them while in Panglao.

In reports to police filed on Wednesday, the victims said that Roman borrowed money using different reasons for each of them.


Zhukov Ladislav told authorities that he lent P600,000 on November 7 to Roman who claimed that the cash was to be used to pay for his wife’s hospitalization.

Roman pledged to immediately pay the amount and left his passport with Ladislav. However, he could no longer be contacted when Ladislav tried to collect the amount on November 12.

Ladislav tried to look for Roman but instead met Dubok Aleksei and Rubtsov Aleksandr who alleged that Roman also borrowed money from them and has not paid them back.

Alexsandr told police that Roman borrowed P90,000 which the suspect said would be used to pay for his vehicle’s repair.

Alexsei however did not report the details on how much money he lent Roman.

Police have started their investigation on the case but Roman has no longer been seen in Panglao. (ad)

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