‘Concerned citizen’ ploy misleading -Capitol

Capitol cried foul at the series of allegations about poor hospital services in government hospitals which turned out to be hearsay.

Liza Quirog, chief of staff of the Govenor’s Office, challenged Facebook users, especially those representing news organizations, to verify first the information about any incident reported by certain “concerned citizens” before posting them.

She cited a post about an alleged incident on November 19 shared by a “concerned citizen” narrating how nurses of “Medicare Hospital” in Maribojoc ignored a mother rushing her one-year-old child who was already pale.


The post stated that a mother rushed to the emergency room of “Medicare Hospital” in Maribojoc with her child and two nurses there just asked the name and the weight of the child but only told her to wait because they were busy.

The “concerned citizen” described the two nurses as “tiguwang nga nurse”.

The mother allegedly waited, but her child continued to vomit and was already very pale.

Another parent allegedly pitied the child and offered a sort of ointment that the mother could rub on the child.

“Ang mama sa bata gahilak na ky was Jud giaatiman sa NURSE. Wa man lang asikasuha.gapakilooy na apan wa gihapon tagda (the mother of the child was already crying because the nurse did not attend to her. (The nurse) did not even attend to her. The mother was already appealing, but was still ignored),” as stated in the Facebook post.

The “concerned citizen” stated that they called Tarsier 117 and the mother also tried to ask for help from others or Tarsier 117 so that her child could be brought to a hospital in Tagbilaran City.

The “concerned citizen” went on to state that he/she also called the MERU.

The MERU team arrived and brought the child to Tagbilaran.

The “concerned citizen” then stated that “Manghinaot ko sa Medicare Hospital sa Maribojoc nga palihog unaha ang emergency samot kay bata ang nag need ug tabang. Maski ultimo or dato gusto pa mabuhi (I am hoping that Medicare Hospital in Maribojoc to please attend first to emergency, especially it was a child who was in need of help. Even ordinary or rich (people) want to live)”.

Quirog noted that there was even no mention about the names of the two nurses and the names of the patients.

She said this is similar to the scenario brought up earlier by a “concerned citizen” against Talibon Provincial Hospital where someone would pose as a “concerned citizen” and did not give his or her name for the convenience of creating an issue.

As to the scenario in Maribojoc, there was no notable details as to how the mother looked like with her child in her arms, vomiting and it was be impossible that no one in the hospital noticed the vomit on the floor, on the arms of the mother, or on a chair, or on a table in the hospital.

There was also no record of such incident in any hospital where the child was supposedly brought after the incident at Medicare Hospital in Maribojoc.


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