Infamous Albur road under LGU, barangay: PEO

The unpaved and muddy Tagbuane-Sta. Fe Road in Alburquerque, through this photo shared on Facebook, has drawn flak for causing inconvenience to the public.

The Provincial Engineering Office (PEO) on Tuesday clarified that the unpaved and muddy road in Alburquerque which has drawn flak in social media is not under their office’s jurisdiction.

According to Engr. Camelo Gasatan of the PEO, the Tagbuane-Sta. Fe Road which cuts across a segment of Alburquerque is a barangay road.


Barangay officials and the local government unit are responsible for overseeing the construction of the road, he said.

Gasatan noted that the PEO oversaw a provincial road project in the area through the Bohol Earthquake Assistance (BEA) fund but it was completed way back in 2016.

The Tagbuene-Sta. Fe Road however branches out from the said provincial road.

“Mao sigurong naka-ingon na sila nga sa province na kay mura man gud nag na-sumpay nga kalsada, pero sa barangay na na siya,” Gasatan added.

The PEO official also said that the agency is ready to assist the LGU or the barangay in rehabilitating the path.

However, municipal or barangay authorities have yet to coordinate with the PEO for the project.

“Dali raman unta nang problimaha kung nangayo pa og tabang namo ang barangay, pero hangtud ron wala paman poy naabot sa opisina bahin ana,” Gasatan said.

Should municipal authorities fail to take action on the issue, the PEO will take over and oversee the construction as the unpaved and muddy road has already caused inconvenience to the public, he added. (A. Doydora)

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