LMP urged to monitor water refilling stations for clean water

The provincial board has passed a Resolution urging the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) Bohol thru its chapter president Clarin Mayor Allen Rey Piezas “to have refilling stations within their jurisdiction be checked and monitored by their municipality-city health offices.”

This came following the recommendation of the health committee led by chairperson Jone Jade A. Bautista, which found water bacteriological examination results fails.


It was found out that “Shortcut of water purifying processes to cut the cost of expenses” is among the factors that caused the failure.

But the committee report did not categorically say if the water as a result of such failure is unsafe for human consumption.

Other factors include the following: “Very old facilities and lack of maintenance; Water containers are not properly cleaned before refilling the same; and Dust and dirt caught upon transporting the water containers to the end-users.”

On the part of the end-user, “Water dispensers are not properly cleaned regularly; water dispensers are already very old; and amount of time that water containers are stocked before it is consumed,” the committee report showed.

“It is the responsibility of each office to maintain its cleanliness and orderliness, particularly in cleaning their water dispensers and containers,” the committee report said. (rvo)


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