Man found dead in Mabini waters

Authorities in Mabini are still working to identify the lifeless man found in waters off the town on Sunday afternoon.

According to PO3 Nelson Cagatan of the Mabini Police Station, the unidentified man was buried at 4 p.m., two hours after he was found, due to residents’ complaint against the foul odor of his remains.


The body was found by fishermen in Barangay Baybayon in Mabini and was collected by police using a banca.

Police speculated that the lifeless man was at least 40 years old and was floating in the water for three to five days.

His body was severely bloated while his face could no longer be identified due to decomposition.

Cagatan said that they saw a hole in the victim’s body but they could not pinpoint what caused it.

Police also found a Cerelac sachet and coins in the victim’s shorts pocket.

According to Cagata, residents living near the funeral parlor where the remains were kept complained against the stench.

Authorities said that the body may be exhumed and subjected to DNA testing should someone claim it. (AD)

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