Viasayas power unstable

Low power reserve continues to grip the Visayas grid with an average of 15.77 percent of the system load in the last weeklong stretch.

On standby above the 1,701 megawatts of system load on January 26, the Visayas grid only had gross reserve of 319 mw.

When system load was pegged at 1,611 mw the following day, the gross reserve was 409 mw.


By Monday last week, the system load was 1,829 mw and the gross reserve was 191 mw.

The following day, the system load was 1,723 mw and the gross reserve was 301 mw.

By Wednesday, the system load rose to 1,832 mw with 192 mw in gross reserve.

On Thursday, the system load was 1,831 mw but the gross reserve was a bit higher at 194 mw.

On Friday, the system load was 1,816 mw and the gross reserve was 208 mw.

Last week, the required regulating reserve was pegged at 68 mw on Saturday, 64 mw on Sunday, 73 mw on Monday, 69 mw on Tuesday, 73 mw on Wednesday, 73 mw also on Thursday, and 73 mw again on Friday.

The required contingency reserve was pegged at 150 mw daily for last week.

The required dispatchable reserve was 135 mw daily last week.

Visayas grid has a daily capacity of 2,020 mw from Saturday to Monday last week; and 2,024 mw from Tuesday to Friday last week.

Coal or thermal plants contribute 838 mw, none from gas turbine.

At least 301 mw come from diesel power plants for Saturday to Monday last week, and 306 mw for Tuesday to Friday last week.

Geothermal power plants contribute 768 mw daily for the seven days.

Bio-diesel or biomass sources contribute 11 mw daily.

Renewable energy contributes 96 mw daily, while hydro-power plants contribute 7 mw daily.

Last week, the transmission line limitations was projected at 129 mw on Saturday, 136 mw on Sunday, 111 mw on Monday, 119 mw on Tuesday, 112 mw on Wednesday, 116 mw on Thursday, and 122 mw on Friday.

For Bohol, power capacity could only reach 34 mw daily where 30 mw come from the diesel power plant, 4 mw from hydro-power plants.

To meet the daily requirement last week, Bohol had to import 40 mw for Saturday, 39 mw for Sunday, 48 mw for Monday, 43 mw for Tuesday, 48 mw for Wednesday, 47 mw for Thursday, and 47 mw also for Friday.

The system load was pegged at 74 mw for Saturday, 73 mw for Sunday, 82 mw for Monday, 78 mw for Tuesday, 82 mw for Wednesday, 81 mw for Thursday, and 81 mw also for Friday.

For the entire week last week, Bohol hangs with zero power reserve, though with zero limitations.

The daily required regulating reserve was 3 mw, while the daily required contingency reserve was 4 mw, and the daily required dispatchable reserve was also 4 mw.

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